We believe that the future can be shaped. Because there is always an alternative.

The future is not a coincidence ...

However, he who wants to forecast the future must necessarily shape it himself - Abraham Lincoln was aware of that already.

Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Self-confidence and entrepreneurial vigour may be useful qualities, but he who must make decisions of far-reaching consequences needs certainty. Where are the hidden risks? Where are the unused opportunities lying dormant?

Which signals should be taken seriously; what can be dismissed as mere background noise? Equipped with methodical expertise, strong networks and a host of international experience, we will accompany you on your way to a future created by yourself – thus making your decisions crisis-proof and fit for the future.

Partners & Networks

"If you want to walk fast, then go alone. But if you want to walk far, then walk in the company of others," says an African proverb. Planning the future requires different perspectives and presupposes the experience of many. Therefore we cooperate closely with distinguished academics and experienced practitioners from a wide range of disciplines. We exclusively cooperate with masterminds, provide access to decision makers and open the doors for them to exclusive networks. For this is the basis of a sustainable and sound assessment of trends in an increasingly confusing world.

Das globale Netzwerk des Bureu für Zeitgeschehen

Richard Calland

The Paternoster Group - African Political Insight
Cape Town (RSA)

Porträt Dr. Lutz Meyer

Lutz Meyer

Lutz Meyer & Company
Berlin (GER)


Verena & Michael Schumacher

Schumacher – Design und digitale Medien
Darmstadt (GER)


Andrey Kortunov

Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)
Moskau (RUS)


Randolph H. Pherson

Reston, VA (USA)


Mathew J. Burrows

Atlantic Council
Washington, D.C. (USA)