27 March 2020

Bureau Co-Founds GTO Group for COVID-19-Foresight

Bureau Co-Founds GTO Group for COVID-19-Foresight
© Roel Wijnants, CC BY-NC 2.0.

COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly. By now, US have been hit the hardest by numbers of infections – leaving China as well as Italy behind. In order to comprehensively cover the pandemic’s economic, social and political impacts, the Bureau für Zeitgeschehen co-founds – in cooperation with international partners from Strategic Advisors for Transformation (SAT), Schramm Unternehmensberatung and US-Foresight expert Mathew J. Burrows – the internationally operating Global Trends and Opportunities Group (GTO Group).

Within the GTO Group data and Foresight expertise will merge to a highly functional working unit for linking the pandemic spread of the virus with macroeconomic effects. The model, that is based on mass data, rather enables to extract profound domestic and foreign policy actions for policy makers. Against this background, the approach serves as an “early warning system” for political decision-makers and empowers states and supranational organisations to identify undesirable developments at an early stage and to counter them effectively.

Photo: Roel Wijnants, CC BY-NC 2.0.