02 February 2017

Business partner Thomas Arzt in “Welt Online”

Business partner Thomas Arzt in “Welt Online”

Recently, the daily newspaper “Die Welt” has published a well-received article about the work of Dr. Thomas Arzt, CEO of SAT Strategic Advisors for Transformation GmbH in Freiburg / Germany. Thomas Arzt is one of the Bureau’s leading business partners.

Due to cumulating challenges in an increasingly uncertain world, Arzt underlines the necessity for improved and holistic strategic foresight methods to be applied in politics, the private sector and civil society.

“Navigating through a highly dynamic, globalized world calls for completely new perspectives and methods of anticipatory government and planning”, says Thomas Arzt.

There is an increasing demand for forecast and explorative simulations capable of detecting historic disruptions, even paradigm shifts and cataclysms.

“Simulation-based strategic foresight is able to anticipate paradigm shifts in time. Based on thousands if not millions of future scenarios we also analyze longterm developments”, Arzt adds.

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