02 February 2017

Campaign “Germany’s New Responsibility” – Bureau thinks ahead

Campaign “Germany’s New Responsibility” – Bureau thinks ahead
© Wolfgang Ischinger, Dirk Messner.

“Deutschlands Neue Verantwortung” (Germany’s New Responsibility) – nine months prior to general elections in Germany, the campaign run by the communication agency Fullberry Foundation addresses needs and priorities for a comprehensive approach in the country’s foreign, security and foreign aid policies.

In its function as a think tank, the Bureau für Zeitgeschehen not only contributed eight background papers for the high-profile ‘Policy Tables’ which were held under Chatham House Rules between November and December 2017. Also, the Bureau’s Managing Director, Oliver Gnad, took part in one Policy Table as an expert on foreign and security policy. The Bureau was also deeply involved in developing ideas, texts and establishing exclusive contacts for the realization of the book “Deutschlands Neue Verantwortung. Die Zukunft der deutschen und europäischen Außen-, Sicherheits- und Entwicklungspolitik”. Edited by ECON Publishers, the book will be available in bookstores and online starting 10 February 2017 (see announcement below, in German only).

The impressive publication unites more than 160 contributions of renowned German and international researchers, politicians and intellectuals – amongst others Kofi Annan and Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Published by Wolfgang Ischinger (Munich Security Conference) and Dirk Messner (German Institute for Development Policy), it will be presented at the margins of the Munich Security Conference on 17 February 2017.

All articles can be viewed online.

Buchankündigung "Deutschlands Neue Verantwortung"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Publisher's announcement "Deutschlands Neue Verantwortung" (Germany's New Responsibility, in German only)Buchankündigung "Deutschlands Neue Verantwortung"