02 February 2017

Holistic Strategic Foresight – A New Multi-Method Approach

Holistic Strategic Foresight – A New Multi-Method Approach
© SAT, Bureau für Zeitgeschehen.

In order to improve decision-making in an increasingly uncertain world, SAT Strategic Advisors for Transformation GmbH and the Bureau für Zeitgeschehen (BfZ) GmbH will cooperate even closer in the future. To this end, SAT and BfZ will merge quantitative and qualitative foresight methods to a completely new and powerful foresight tool.

“Evidence based decision-making alone has its limits in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous”, says Dr. Thomas Arzt, CEO of SAT Strategic Advisors for Transformation GmbH based in Freiburg/Germany. “In our VUCA world it is essential to connect the data points of today with the potential risks of tomorrow in order to improve the resilience of socio-economic systems”, Arzt explains.

Being increasingly confronted with complex challenges such as demographic change, rapid urbanization, economic and financial instability and geopolitical risks, politicians are in need of more powerful foresight tools. The combination of quantitative and qualitative Strategic Foresight methods allows decision-makers to virtually experience thousands of What-if-Scenarios, think the unthinkable and explore their consequences.

Clients are provided with a powerful “Risk Monitor and Horizon Scanner” that reduces reaction times considerably, prepares for adequate emergency responses and uncovers for new, hitherto unknown opportunities. “Our unique multi-method approach combines the most powerful quantitative simulation techniques such as `Exploratory Modeling and Analysis’ with qualitative Strategic Foresight Analysis”, Dr. Oliver Gnad explains. Gnad is the CEO of the Bureau für Zeitgeschehen (BfZ) GmbH based in Berlin/Germany. “We are convinced that this unique combination of foresight expertise is an opportunity to enhance robust and pro-active decision-making – in politics, the private sector as well as in NGOs and civil-society organization.”

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