07 September 2021

How is Germany viewed by the world?

How is Germany viewed by the world?

The DAAD, GIZ and Goethe-Institut have addressed this question from various perspectives such as science, economics, culture and politics in the study “Außenblick – International perspectives on Germany in times of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The three central organisations of international cooperation wanted to find out in a collaborative process with experts on Germany from all over the world: What does our country stand for? The result is an entertaining study collecting a multitude of perspectives that are sometimes eye-opening while they, above all, convey an appreciative and yet not uncritical picture of Germany.

The Bureau für Zeitgeschehen, through its managing director Dr. Oliver Gnad, was involved in the creation and editing of this publication.


The method: The study is based on a dual level mixed format: a combination of a structured online questionnaire and semi-narrative in-depth interviews. We contacted experts from the partner networks of the three organisations who know Germany well and are able to formulate the expectations, desires and fears they have of Germany on the basis of their observations. 622 people from 37 countries responded to the quantitative online questionnaire. 48 interviewees from 24 countries were questioned on their perspective of Germany during the in-depth interviews.

Further information: https://www.giz.de/de/weltweit/98949.html

English version: https://www.giz.de/de/downloads/giz2021-de-studie-aussenblick.pdf