10 February 2020

Readiness-Check for European Security

Readiness-Check for European Security
© EEIG „North Sea – Baltic Rail Freight Corridor” EZIG.

In recent years, the need for a strong and united Europe in global affairs became even clearer than before. Great power competition is now a leading trend in world politics. Europe’s and NATO’s reaction towards shifting global powers is represented by the NATO Readiness Action Plan (2014) and NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence (2016) in Poland and the three Baltic states.

A three-day workshop of the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) from 7 to 9 July 2020 in Brussels will focus on this issue and will bring together high-ranking representatives of political institutions, think tanks and logistics to discuss most relevant issues of military mobility in order to strengthen the Europe’s security and defence position.

As a basis for the working groups, the Bureau of Current Affairs has developed multi-modal transport scenarios for five regions in Europe and its immediate neighbourhood. The scenarios address the most pressing logistical risks and challenges in the regions, which can be identified as chokepoints of the European security architecture. The aim of the workshop is to develop concrete recommendations for political decision-makers on how to improve military mobility in Europe in response to the fundamental political changes worldwide.

Photo: EEIG „North Sea – Baltic Rail Freight Corridor” EZIG.