03 May 2019

“Soft Power Champion” in a Changing Global Environment

“Soft Power Champion” in a Changing Global Environment
© Marco Verch, CC BY 2.0.

In the upcoming decades, the world will change significantly: geopolitical interests, new forms of economic globalisation, technological innovation as well as social and political developments pose sincere challenges to the EU´s positioning as a global player.

Against this background, the scenario workshop organised by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE, 2nd and 3rd May, 2019, London) focused on the untapped potentials of the EU as an actual “soft power champion” with high intellectual and technological competencies. Under the methodological guidance of the Bureau für Zeitgeschehen, the participants worked out future paths for a Europe that wisely exploits its capabilities.

The Dahrendorf Forum has reviewed the workshop´s results and made them available in the publication European Security 2030 published in September 2019.

Photo: Marco Verch, CC BY 2.0.