02 February 2017

Bureau develops EU-future scenarios for the Dahrendorf Forum

Bureau develops EU-future scenarios for the Dahrendorf Forum
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In cooperation with our US-American partner institute “Globalytica”, the Bureau for Current Affairs supported the “Dahrendorf Forum” between November 2015 and May 2016 in developing European future scenarios. The Dahrendorf Forum is a joint initiative of the Hertie School of Governance (Berlin) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). It addresses issues relating to the future of Europe. The initiative is supported by the Mercator Foundation.

The development of scenarios which involved more than 120 experts from all over the world was dominated by the question of Europe’s future role in the network of a polycentric global order which is becoming more and more apparent. In the course of the scenario-workshops (lasting four days each), the focus was mainly on key powers and key regions which form a strategic challenge for the European Union even today: Russia (with the Ukrainian crisis as a case study), the Mediterranean Region and the Near East (MENA), Turkey, the United States of America and China.

Now the 18 most revealing scenarios were introduced in the framework of the Dahrendorf Symposium in Berlin and published under the title “The European Union in the World of 2025. Scenarios for EU relations with its neighbours and strategic partners“.

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