10 December 2019

Training of Foresight Analysts for the European Think Tank EPRS

Training of Foresight Analysts for the European Think Tank EPRS

The EU faces challenges from the outside and the inside. Most of those are the symptoms of big underlying trends – and handling them needs foresight. Anticipating these trends in order to make political action robust for the future is one of the tasks carried out by the Global Trends Unit of the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS). As part of a partnership with EPRS, the Bureau für Zeitgeschehen (BfZ) trains the analysts of the unit in Strategic Foresight. During a workshop on “The Future of Multilateralism” (Brussels, 10 December 2018), the participants examined, among other things, the robustness of current policy measures against the background of the scenarios developed (“windtunneling”) and elaborated an “early warning system” based on indicators in order to track the occurrence of the various future paths.

The Global Trends Unit publishes for instance the Global Trendometer. The annual study analysis medium- and long-term trends in terms of opportunities and risks for European policy. It thus enables the European Union´s decision makers to anticipate global developments at an early stage and to shape political action for the future.

Photo: European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS).