28 June 2018

A German Glance on Ukraine

A German Glance on Ukraine
© GIZ.

Commissioned by the GIZ, the Bureau für Zeitgeschehen (BfZ) has conducted a study on the German perception of Ukraine, a country in transition. The study is based on 44 interviews German Ukraine experts from all spheres of society representing for instance industry, politics, civil society and culture. Conclusion: The expert´s view on the Eastern European country turns out to be rather sceptical and little benevolent. Andreas von Schumann – head of GIZ´s office for political communication in Kiev and the initiator of the study – is astonished by the results: “Ukraine’s struggle for independence and democratic consolidation receives little recognition”.

Four years after the Euromaidan, the study takes stock of how Ukraine is perceived in Germany. The study points out international relations and internal developments, taking into account specific strengths and weaknesses as well as the expert´s expectations linked to the country´s future .

The study has been widely recognised throughout Europe; including The European, Blog “Le Grand Continent”, Zarembo (only available in Ukrainian).

Study "Ukraine in the Eyes of Germany" (in German only)