We are convinced that the complexity and the dynamics of our world offer a great opportunity to shape it.

What we are working at ...

… is certainly no secret. On the contrary: just like our clients, we are always looking for fresh ideas ourselves. Why don't you look us over the shoulder - and let us share your ideas.

Two or three times a year, we cooperate with changing hosts and send out invitations for our “Policy Slam”. A quick format for masterminds. Unfinished, voicing opinions, political. Profound, subtle and exclusive. Just straight talking. Because the future should no longer be reflected without alternatives. Please note our dates and events.

What else keeps us busy at the moment? The 3rd International Germany Forum of Chancellor Angela Merkel, a strategic foresight workshop for the German Foreign Office to develop alternatives for actions, and a project on the future of the liberal-democratic order.

There is also a study on Russia’s geostrategic options – this is a joint project between Germany, Russia and the U.S.

To give you an idea of our activities, you would be most welcome to join us for a spontaneous cup of coffee or for a structured discussion in our think tank. We would certainly be happy to hear from you.



We thank the following partners and organizations for placing their trust in our professionalism: