Longterm Consultancy: Brot für die Welt’s „2021+“ Strategy


Brot für die Welt


Nine Scenario Workshops for a Profound "2021+" Strategy

Brot für die Welt (BfdW) and its sister organisation Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) are in the midst of a comprehensive five-year strategy process ("2021+"). „2021+“ aims to derive the organisations‘ strategic goals more strongly from the results of external challenges identified. The Bureau für Zeitgeschehen (BfZ) was commissioned by BfdW to accompany the strategy process over a period of three months. With the help of nine scenario workshops in total, a better adaptation to potential global changes is to be achieved, which will enable the organisations to recognise their own potential for action and to better develop respective strategic interventions.


Monitoring the "2021+" Process

The BfZ conceives and moderates nine workshops on the BfdW prioritised topics of Leave No One Behind, food security, peace and conflicts, the future of humanitarian aid, climate change, the future of development cooperation, communication, digital change and women's rights. The nine topics result from a comprehensive analysis on external challenges to BfdW’s international commitment. The analysis results’ have been translated into strategic positions for the work of BfdW and DKH.


Robust Objectives for the Strategy “2021+”

In the nine workshops, the participating managers and technical experts of BfdW and DKH analyse – methodologically guided by BfZ – most striking trends in the respective subject areas and, on this basis, develop concrete objectives and recommendations for action. Following the workshop period, the results will be incorporated in the five-year strategy "2021+" as key elements.