It is only when you share your thoughts that you will realize what they are worth. This is why we write!

We initiate brainstorming

As a Think-and-Do-Tank the Bureau for Current Affairs does not only carry out the clients' orders, but it also gets actively involved in socio-political debates.

The chance to find sustainable answers to the challenges of our time depends on the questions which are asked. Here, we sympathize with Sir Francis Bacon’s statement: “A clever question is half the wisdom.” Getting to the bottom of things, understanding relationships and promoting socio-political meaning by exchanging views with others – such is our objective.

This is why we sometimes put pen to paper – to outline our thoughts, to put them to the test, or simply to spark off a little provocation …

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Imagining the Global Compact on Migration in (Post-) COVID-19 Worlds

"What-if" scenarios on the future of migration and mobility in the context of the COIVD-19 pandemic in four thematic strands: Forms of International Cooperation, Human Security, Social Cohesion, Economic Development.

Authors: Bureau fuer Zeitgeschehen

Study “The Future of Multilateralism – Which direction for German multilateral development policy?”

This paper is a critical assessment of the current multilateral landscape and its potential future trajectories. It seeks to identify new entry points and levers that the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) can use to successfully implement the 2030 Agenda and other policy agendas in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. (Photo: © Gordon Johnson on Pixabay)

Authors: Oliver Gnad

More Bang for the Buck: Strategic Foresight as a Stepping Stone to Providing European Added Value

in: Realising European Added Value, Court of European Auditors, Brussels, 2020, pp. 187-191.

Authors: Mathew J. Burrows and Oliver Gnad.

Anticipatory Governance: The Role of Futures Studies in Regaining the Political Initiative.

in: The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies, Association of Professional Futurists and Foresight International, 2020, pp.396-413.

Authors: Mathew J. Burrows and Oliver Gnad.

#EuropeMatters – Europe 2030 towards a renewed social contract?

The relationship between the European Union and its citizens is currently at a turning point. The scenarios - co-developed by the BfZ - identify the key drivers that will determine the direction of a future Europe.

Authors: Pascal Lamy (with contributions from Mathew J. Burrows, Antonia Erlandsson, Oliver Gnad, Dharmendra Kanani, Jacques Bughin and Roman Pable)

Ukraine Through German Eyes – Images and Perceptions of a Country in Transition

Four years after the Euromaidan, the study takes stock of how Ukraine is perceived in Germany in the context of its international relations and internal developments, where its specific strengths and weaknesses are seen and what expectations are linked to the future of the country.

Authors: Bureau fuer Zeitgeschehen (BfZ)

The Aspen Insight – Knowing today what matters tomorrow

To analyze the long-term consequences of Brexit and D. Trump's election for the liberal international order, international experts from 17 countries developed scenarios for the year 2025.

Authors: Oliver Gnad (Editor)

Desert Powered Progress. A pilot project for integrated EU and trans-Mediterranean energy policy

in: European Energy Review (June 2011) published on 30 June 2011

Authors: Oliver Gnad, Marcel Viëtor

Eine Solarunion für das Mittelmeer. Der Beitrag der Energiepolitik zur transmediterranen Kooperation

in: Internationale Politik 4 (July / August 2012), pp. 26-29 (in German only)

Authors: Oliver Gnad

Is Germany capable of strategic planning?

in: Internationale Sicherheit im 21. Jahrhundert, hg. von James D. Bindenagel / Matthias Herdegen / Karl Kaiser, pp. 125-140 Bonn University Press, 2016 ISBN: 9783847106173

Authors: Oliver Gnad

Germany Is a Great Power — It Should Act Like One

in: The National Interest (Digital Edition) published on 10 March 2016

Authors: Mathew J. Burrows, Oliver Gnad