It is only when you share your thoughts that you will realize what they are worth. This is why we write!

We initiate brainstorming

As a Think-and-Do-Tank the Bureau for Current Affairs does not only carry out the clients' orders, but it also gets actively involved in socio-political debates.

The chance to find sustainable answers to the challenges of our time depends on the questions which are asked. Here, we sympathize with Sir Francis Bacon’s statement: “A clever question is half the wisdom.” Getting to the bottom of things, understanding relationships and promoting socio-political meaning by exchanging views with others – such is our objective.

This is why we sometimes put pen to paper – to outline our thoughts, to put them to the test, or simply to spark off a little provocation …

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Wahrnehmungen aus der sächsischen Gesellschaft. Zwischen Zuversicht, Ernüchterung und neuen Perspektiven.

Authors: RAA Sachsen e.V./ Bureau für Zeitgeschehen (BfZ)

#EuropeMatters – Europe 2030 towards a renewed social contract?

The relationship between the European Union and its citizens is currently at a turning point. The scenarios - co-developed by the BfZ - identify the key drivers that will determine the direction of a future Europe.

Authors: Pascal Lamy (with contributions from Mathew J. Burrows, Antonia Erlandsson, Oliver Gnad, Dharmendra Kanani, Jacques Bughin and Roman Pable)

The Aspen Insight – Knowing today what matters tomorrow

To analyze the long-term consequences of Brexit and D. Trump's election for the liberal international order, international experts from 17 countries developed scenarios for the year 2025.

Authors: Oliver Gnad (Editor)

Desert Powered Progress. A pilot project for integrated EU and trans-Mediterranean energy policy

in: European Energy Review (June 2011) published on 30 June 2011

Authors: Oliver Gnad, Marcel Viëtor

Eine Solarunion für das Mittelmeer. Der Beitrag der Energiepolitik zur transmediterranen Kooperation

in: Internationale Politik 4 (July / August 2012), pp. 26-29 (in German only)

Authors: Oliver Gnad

Is Germany capable of strategic planning?

in: Internationale Sicherheit im 21. Jahrhundert, hg. von James D. Bindenagel / Matthias Herdegen / Karl Kaiser, pp. 125-140 Bonn University Press, 2016 ISBN: 9783847106173

Authors: Oliver Gnad

Germany Is a Great Power — It Should Act Like One

in: The National Interest (Digital Edition) published on 10 March 2016

Authors: Mathew J. Burrows, Oliver Gnad