29 November 2020

„More Bang for the Buck“

„More Bang for the Buck“
© Peter Schrank, Source: The Economist.

“Anticipating future trends and developments are one of the essential prerequisites for effective budget allocations”, argue Dr. Oliver Gnad (Bureau of Current Affairs) and Mathew Burrows (Atlantic Council) in the European Court of Auditors’ current journal “Realising European Added Value” as they call for “More bang for the buck” (November 2020, pp.187-191).

The current issue of the Journal is devoted to the multifaceted debate on the European Added Value. As the recent negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) impressively show, the notion of the EU as a “burden-sharer” especially vanishes when it comes to decisions on funding (added value vs. “zero-sum game”). In this context, the Bureau für Zeitgeschehen’s article alludes to the fact that EU funding instruments must not be rigid blueprints for political decision making. Rather the contrary: a smart, future-proof and effective allocation of funds indeed creates the intended European Added Value. However, to achieve this target, political decision-makers must start to think in terms of dynamic systems and interdependencies, i.e. applying the methods of Strategic Foresight. Follow the link below to read the full article.

Photo: Peter Schrank.

European Court of Auditors (2020): Realising European Added Value.