Attaché Training in the Foreign Office

Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning in the Senior Foreign Service

"Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning" as a Training Component

The module “Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning” is an integral part of the Federal Foreign Office’s attaché training. The methods sensitise future diplomats to global trends, unexpected path changes, and disruptive change – and thus open up room for manoeuvre for forward-looking government action in German foreign policy.

The one-day workshop as part of the diplomat training deals with the basics of strategic foresight and uses country examples to develop images of the future by analysing key actors, interests, trends, and drivers of change. The workshop shows that foresight methods are indispensable for developing political options for action and for assessing opportunities and risks. In this way, fundamental change, emerging crises, and windows of opportunity for diplomatic solutions can be identified at an early stage and used strategically.

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