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We all negotiate - day in, day out. In our partnership, with friends, at work, with customers, even with opponents. And with ourselves all the time. In this process, an uncomfortable feeling often overcomes us: How can we achieve what seems important to us without damaging the relationship level with our counterpart? - By negotiating hard on the merits, but with understanding for the other person.

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With many years of experience in international projects, development cooperation and as a consultant for the public sector, as well as a lecturer, Oliver Gnad is an expert in:

  • Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning
  • Structured Analysis Techniques (SATs)
  • Environment Analysis and Assessment
  • Harvard Negotiation Method

Negotiation Training

Introductory Course

  • 1 day
  • 295€

What you will learn: Clever & Better Negotiation

Participants gain theoretical knowledge, useful analysis tools and learn about the importance of personality traits in negotiation practice. Without prior exposure, the topic of “negotiation” may be difficult for many of us to grasp. However, after the introductory course, participants will have a deeper understanding of the subject matter and will become better negotiators, in personal interactions as well as in salary negotiations in the present or in the workplace of the future.

Who is the course for: Beginners

The introductory course is aimed at people from almost all professional and age groups. Anyone who is interested in the topic and wants to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses in negotiation situations while maintaining good relations with the other side is addressed by this course.

Negotiation Training

Professional Course

  • 2 days
  • 750€

What you will learn: Deepening Knowledge & Managing Negotiations

Participants deepen their understanding of negotiations, learn about different techniques, the role of emotions, mediators and cultures and, most importantly, put their knowledge into practice in an exciting simulation. The chosen example shows them the whole range of dilemmas that decision-makers are confronted with under increased pressure.

Who is the course for: Advanced

The advanced course is primarily aimed at people who want to deepen their knowledge among peers and share experiences. Thus, you should have some level of understanding as well as practical experience in the field of negotiation. Familiarity with the principles of the Harvard Method, with other negotiation theories, as well as basic knowledge of behavioral science are essential to ensure a common starting point.

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