Thinking ahead - developing future-robust strategies

The future is not a matter of chance. And if you want to predict it, you have to shape it yourself. We navigate you through the terra incognita of a dynamically changing world, familiarize you with megatrends, weak change signals and stories about possible futures. So that you can concentrate on what counts - a future-proof strategy and adaptability.


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Through several years of intensive supervision of foresight projects within the Bureau of Current Affairs, as well as experience in the development and NGO sectors, Elisabeth is an expert in:

  • Strategic foresight and scenario planning methods
  • Delphi studies and qualitative surveys
  • Development of serious games and simulations


Introductory Course

  • 1 day
  • 295€

What you will learn: Identifying Key Drivers & Building Scenarios

Participants receive an overview of the methods and possibilities of strategic foresight and scenario planning, learn to identify key drivers and develop scenarios with the scenario cross method which stimulates counterintuitive thinking. For transfer into practice, they receive a handout with the applied methods.

Who is the course for: Beginners

The introductory course is especially suitable for junior analysts from the public and private sector as well as from think tanks to learn methods that stimulate systematic thinking by circumventing the cognitive limitations of our brain.


Professional Course

  • 1.5 days on-site + 0.5 days online
  • 750€

What you will learn: Illuminating Possibility Areas & Forming Strategies

Participants will conduct a detailed scenario process based on a concrete current issue and will know how to set up a process. They can systematically lift key drivers, translate them into scenario paths and form a narrative from them. They use the insights to maximize opportunities and minimize risks and use them to develop a strategy. For consolidation and application in practice, they receive a handout with all the methods used.

Who is the course for: Advanced

The professional course is aimed specifically at decision-makers and analysts from the public and private sectors who want to gain a deeper understanding of foresight methods for strategy formation in order to apply them independently (e.g. risk management).

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