Structured Analysis Techniques

Clear thinking and analytical competence

In times of overturning global crises, analytical insight is in demand. Structured Analysis Techniques (SATs) ensure that your global risk analyses are free of entrenched thought patterns, relevant in the questions they ask, and sharp in their conclusions. In short, that their results are explanatory and forward-looking, even in uncertain times.

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With many years of experience in international projects, development cooperation and as a consultant for the public sector, as well as a lecturer, Oliver is an expert in:

  • Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning
  • Structured Analysis Techniques (SATs)
  • Environment Analysis and Assessment
  • Harvard Negotiation Method

Structured Analysis Techniques

Introductory Course

  • 1 day
  • 295€

What you will learn: Structured Thinking & Analysis

At the end of the day, all participants will have an overview of a range of structured analysis techniques (SATs) and their respective benefits and areas of application. You will practically apply some of these techniques with a concrete case study and receive a handout with which you can apply SATs in your daily work.

Who is the course for: Beginners

The introductory course is aimed at junior professionals and young analysts from the public or private sector and academia who are wondering how systematic analysis techniques can help them in their daily work and future endeavors.

Structured Analysis Techniques

Professional Course

  • 1.5 days on-site + 0.5 days online
  • 750€

What you will learn: Structured Analysis Techniques in Practice

In this course, participants will apply a set of structured analysis techniques (SATs) to a specific problem, covering the entire analysis process: from the initial question to the decisions that can be derived from it. Over the course of the two days, you will learn the possibilities and limitations of different methods and how to use them in the right context. Finally, you will receive the handbook “Clear Thinking” entailing three case studies and a full overview of the five SAT families.

Who is the course for: Advanced

To analysts in companies, NGOs, politics, academia and the public sector who want to apply advanced analytical methods in practice to future-proof the strategic decisions of their organizations.

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