Saxony2030: Shaping the Society´s Future


Regionale Arbeitsstellen für Bildung, Integration und Demokratie e.V. (RAA – Sachsen e.V.)


The project Sachsen2030 explores how society in the future could look like. What perceptions of Saxony do people have? Which innovative ideas exist? Which scenarios can be developed for the next 10 years? The starting point for the project was the increasingly polarized discourse on social and political issues. On the one hand, Saxony stands for right-wing violence and open hatred on the streets. On the other hand, there are many active and creative people who are engaged in human rights and social cohesion, who rethink economic potentials and who are strongly committed to more comprehensive environment and climate policies.


The Bureau für Zeitgeschehen (BfZ) accompanies the project closely in terms of concepts and methodology. The study "Wahrnehmungen aus der sächsischen Gesellschaft. Zwischen Zuversicht, Ernüchterung und neuen Perspektiven." (only available in German) - authored by the BfZ - was recently published in June 2019. It forms the prelude to the debate on how people in Saxony want to live in the future. From November 2018 to January 2019, 20 people from different regions and sectors were interviewed about current strengths and weaknesses as well as future opportunities and risks in 15 subjects. The results of the interviews help to better understand the present situation in Saxony and to discuss possible future paths for the region on this basis.Based on the results of this study, an intensive scenario workshop took place in February 2019 in Dresden (Germany). The results of the workshop form the substance of a "newspaper from the future", which illustrates possible scenarios for a Saxony in the year 2030.

Photos: RAA Sachsen e.V.