PD & Hertie School

Summer School 2021: Simulation „Blackout Berlin“

Possible Crises in Berlin – Rehearse and Training

How do the population, administration and disaster management react when the drinking water supply suddenly fails in Berlin? What happens when, only a short time later, the power supply also collapses, making an attack on the capital’s critical infrastructure obvious? Where do those responsible in the Senate, the federal government and the relevant authorities put their efforts first to prevent total chaos?

The Bureau fuer Zeitgeschehen (BfZ) conducted such a “doomsday simulation” in September 2021 on behalf of PD – Berater der öffentlichen Hand GmbH as part of a conference for executive civil servants. The primary objective was to simulate public crisis management in an unlikely but not implausible extreme situation and to demonstrate speed of action in a state of great uncertainty. In the face of chaos and despair on the streets, the unbureaucratic exercise of responsibilities or flexible adjustments to the response to such a crisis would be of immense relevance. However, all participants were aware that outdated structures and sluggish decision-making processes were more likely to provide answers to 20th century questions and problems.

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