The German Marshall Fund of the United States – Europe Program

Three Americas After Trump

USA and Weimar Triangle - Scope for Action

Donald Trump’s election as 45th US President marked a radical departure from traditional American foreign and security policy: previously unthinkable things – such as calling NATO into question – seemed to become an option.

What long-term effects the highly polarised US debate about America’s role in the world will have on Germany and Europe – that was the initial question addressed by the “Three Americas after Trump” project commissioned by the Planning Staff of the Federal Foreign Office (AA).

At the invitation of the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) and under the methodological guidance of the Bureau fuer Zeitgeschehen (BfZ), political experts developed alternative future scenarios for a repositioning of US foreign policy after Donald Trump’s first term in office. The scenarios take into account traditional currents of political thought on both sides of the political spectrum but also isolationist tendencies as well as a social disintegration scenario that would inevitably lead to America’s disengagement from the world.

The planning staffs of the foreign ministries of Germany, France, and Poland discussed what consequences these alternative developments would have for Europe in the fields of peace and security, trade and currency, technology and innovation, and climate and energy in 2018-2020.

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